Many Suggestions

Project, Presets

  • Opening Project Folder in File Explorer(with Key commands)
  • Vertical Zoom by ALT+Wheel
  • Assgining Track Version ID manually
  • Drawing Pitch automation of Audio Clip in Projects View(‘Process - Pitch Shift’ function is outdated)
  • Backup and Restore User setting at ONCE (Preferences,Key commands,VST presets, Track Presets, Work Spaces,…,)
  • Rich Text (such as HTML) in Notepad


  • Variaudio with Pitchbend and Modulation Wheel of MIDI Keyboard
  • Variaudio with Pencil tool like AutoTune and Waves Tune
  • Editing Formants


  • Customizing Mediabay color
  • Mediabay Standalone (as a ASIO, MME music player, tag, audio capture, Sketcho Record, import to projects or sampler, and so on.)

Key Editor

  • Enharmonic Shift in Key Editor (or following Project root key)
  • Displaying Chords(of Chord Track) in Key Editor
  • Customizing color of each Note and MIDI CC

Chord Track, Chord Pad

  • ChordPad follows to Chord Track
    (not copy Chords from Chord Track / Chords->Chord Track, Pattern->Chord Pad)
  • Chors Track Dispay Roman numbers, Power Chords, Omit Chords
  • Working Constraint Direction when Dragging Chord Event in Chord Track to MIDI Track
  • Dragging Scale Events in Chord Track to MIDI Track (with Simple MIDI note)

Thanks and Please…