Many times to much beats in one measure

Many times I have to much beats in a measure.

The caret show 8 short stripes in the rhythmic grid and the normal. I have to input 16 eights notes instead of 8.

It look like this problem occurs after copying bars or removes notes.

Adding an new barline solves the problem.

I would say that accidentally you have deleted a bar line somewhere. Daniel has said that they are aware of this, and in the future, the marquee tool will not select the bar line. So you won’t accidentally delete the bar line.


Thanks for the answer. The reason I post it now is that I’m don’t have delete a bar line (so, I think I have not delete). I’m looking good before copy and good before delete what is selected. I can’t grid why this happens.

It occurs when inserting or adding bars.I don’t know off this is posted on the forum (sorry if this is double posted now). I have make 2 examples to see what is happen.

Well, you really stumped me. Maybe this is a bug of sorts?


The problem Cees shows in his animated gif EndBar.gif is indeed a bug, and one that I think is fixed in the forthcoming 1.0.10 update.