Maono audio mixer setup with Cubase 10.5 / Record your song with Karaoke or Musical track in MAONO

Here is how to setup your Maono device and Cubase on a Windows system:

Download and install ASIO4ALL from 727

Open Cubase and go to “Studio–> Studio Setup–> Drop down VST Audiosystem” and select ASIO4ALL V2 as ASIO driver. Click OK to Apply the changes.

Now go to the point under “Studio –> Studio Setup –> VST Audio system” Select ASIO4ALL V2 → Click on the “Control Panel” button

You will find WDM device list where existing Sound card is alreday selected.
Activate MAONO device In the WDM Device list on the left of the control panel , it will activate your USB Mic/Maono device and the respective inputs.
Ensure your inputs of required device button should glow . Close the box and click OK.

Go to Cubase “Studio –> Audio Connections” and go to the Input/Output tab.
Remove existing Bus by right click and remove and Create a new Stereo bus by click “ADD BUS” and Rename it.

Now create a audio track, Project–> Right click → Add track–> Audio. (Ensure here Audio Inputs should reflect as MAONO device)

Even You can select newly created input bus in the inspector on the left if It was not reflecting in earlier step…

Now enable the record tab of your track and you’re ready to record song along with music or Karaoke track