Map drum pads to actions

Hi forum,

Hello forum,

i have the Arturia KeyLab 61 MK2 and Cubase 12 Pro. I want to use the midi keyboard to control Cubase for live performances. The midi remote works really well at mapping buttons like transport, but I can’t map the drum pads. I need a few buttons to switch between tracks and I think the drum pads are perfect since I never use them.

How can i map the drum pads? Next problem, i want to use the main encoder knob in the middle of the KeyLab for both pressing (open vst) and browsing through vst presets. Any suggestions how i can implement that feature?


Hi, this is because the DAW template you’ve chosen doesn’t send/receive to the midi port 1 of the Keylab. The solution is to place your Keylab into the Ableton Live DAW mode. This way, the pads will be bound to the DAW port.

You might even want to try my own script, because I think it covers what you want to achieve, though not exactly in the way you imagined it. For example, we select tracks by using the 8 buttons below the faders (which are also used for mute/solo/record/monitor).

Here’s a screenshot of the pads assignments:

As you can see the open/close instrument is mapped to a pad.

Concerning presets change I have bound it to the jog wheel while we have Pad 4 held. Without it held, it performs bar± (Nav L/R). If we hold Pad 1 it navigates Up/Down, with Pad 2 we alter the BPM and with Pad 3 the horizontal zoom.


The script is here, you may find it useful either by simply using it or by getting ideas.

Hi mchantzi

thanks for your reply and help. But before using a different script i want to get it run on my own.

What i don’t get, even if i set up the drum pads in the midi control center i don’t get it to work.
I have assigned control change, channel 1 and then a cc number (102, 103, 104, 105) for the first 4 drum pads.

I have saved the template under a name and then stored it in the user1 bank. After selecting User mode with my preset on the Keylab i still can’t controle any action in cubase. Control change, channel number and cc number are set, but it doesn’t work.

Any advice how to set up the drum pads?


Not sure if you read my advice carefully:

At which port did you set your midi remote to? You can even create another midi remote, but this time place it to the Port 1 of the Keylab so that it will listen to whatever controls you have setup in your user template.

Hi mchantzi,

thanks for your reply. Yes, you are right. I’ve created another script and now i could only choose “KeyLab mkii 61” as input/output ports. But my primary midi remote script uses MIDIIN2 (KeyLab mkii 61)/MIDIOUT2 (KeyLab mkii 61). The other problem was that i had not set the On Value in the Arturia midi control center for the trigger pads.



A final word of advice is to be careful with the CCs chosen in order to not get conflicts with the Analog Lab, in case of course you use it.

Not sure I understand. Are you scripting or using the midi remote assistant? If you’re scripting, you can actually have all ports of the Keylab to your disposal at the same script.