map functions to a control surface like the VS-700c

I’ve been enjoying getting to know Cubase. The score editor is fantastic. The program as a whole shares much of the same functionality as Sonar, but differs considerably in terms of navigation and operation. There’s a definite learning curve, though not an unpleasant one.

The control surface is, on the other hand, is much more limited. It’s supposedly Mackie Control compatible, but a lot of functionality seems missing. The faders work, along with solo, mute, arm and select. The shuttle works (slowly) as do most of the transport controls. Oddly, the pan knobs don’t seem to work. Nothing shows up on the time display. Everything else is “press at your own risk.” So here’s a question. Is there any way within Cubase to map functions to a control surface like the [Roland] VS-700c? Any help would be appreciated.

The Generic Remote would be the place to look to customize the remote.

It’s been a while since I played around with the MCU protocol, but I remember it working pretty well. Do you have a link to the manual for the Roland unit?

I’ll vouch for the MCU implementation - it works great with the Behringer X- Touch. They go at a nice price - something to consider.