Map Scale - Entering Scale Overrides

I’d like to use the new Map Scale feature to customize some scales but there is no information in the documentation (version history & web) on how the scale overrides are entered and Anthony’s video doesn’t show how to do it either.

Where can I find the documentation for this?
Here’s what I’m trying to map:



PS: I’m loving D4!

You could refer to this in the popover as (say) “C phrygian b3 b7” e.g. if you had a C major scale and wanted to transform it into the excerpt you’ve given you would type “C major to C phrygian b3 b7” in the popover. The scale overrides are with respect to the scale being modified, so “b3” here means to make it flatter than it would be in Phrygian.

The documentation for the note tools popover is here – you can use the navigable section headings shown on the top right of the page to jump to e.g. the “scale mapping” section.

There is also a dialog specifically for scale mapping which you can use to achieve the same end result, but with a dialog interface (rather than popover entries)

Thanks, Richard and Lilly.

Lilly, I looked at the dialog documentation hoping for an example of how to enter the overrides. If you add Richard’s complete example, it would be helpful.

Also, Lilly, thank you for the links in the manual to the videos!


Hi Leigh, there are various examples listed on the page for the popover. I will make a note to consider an example for the dialog, but of course there are many, many possibilities one could list…

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Oops! Sorry, Lillie!