Map the Play/Pause Button of my arturia keyboard to actually play and pause and not just play

Hello, I want to play and stop “at the cursor position” when pressing the Play button on my arturia keyboard.

And with the Stop button I want to be able to make the cursor come back to it’s original position. Is it possible ?

Are you using a MIDI Remote definition for your Arturia keyboard and which one is it ? Here, using a StudioLogic VMK-188+ with its MIDI Remote definition, I get exactly this, using the Stop button available : first press, the playback is stopped and second press, the cursor go back to the origin (or the previous marker, if defined). This, choosing the Transport > Stop command in the Mapping Assistant.

If it doesn’t work, check also the settings of your keyboard controller (channel and controller CC used, button behavior, etc.).

Yes I am using the midi remote, and yes I tried with Transport → Start and Transport → Stop

The thing is, the “midi control center” to configure my artturia keyboard doesn’t allow me to configure those button. Only the pads, knobs and fader are configurable

Check the thread at:

The issue is that Cubase has a preference to either return to start on stop or to stop at the current position. It does not have a pause function. There are some “sort of” workarounds mentioned in the thread, depending on the setting used for the preference, but the bottom line is that Cubase still does not have a dedicated pause function, so you can only map Stop and have the behavior you’ve chosen in the preferences. (The pressing Stop twice as mentioned elsewhere in this thread was one of the workarounds, but I think may have depended on using one specific preference setting and which key you are using to execute the stop function.) Unfortunately, you can’t map a function that doesn’t exist. :frowning: