Maping QC in Cubase 12. Controller question

Hello. Please help.

I have komplete kontrol s61 mk2. And it’s working well in Cubase 11 and 12. But the new midi remote in Cubase 12 is really cool. And I want to ask. Is it possible to map my 8 faders on s61 to the quick controlls? I try it but in this situation I need to create my own script? And in this way other knobs doesn’t work well. Or I missed something?
Or can I use the original and my own script together?
Or I need to buy another contriller… for example Beringher X Touch mini or Korgnano?
Please help me. I really like my Native Instruments and will be great to have just this midi for all


If there is a script already, you can overwrite just the encoders by own assignment (to the QCs).

If you refer to the original NI component, you cannot mix it with the MIDI Remote script, sorry.

Hello. Thanks for the answer. So as I can understand the best way in this situation is buy for example Korg Nanocontrol 2 for Qc, right? I need the midi just for Quick Controls honestly…
And as I saw on cubase lifestream Greg use Korg nano in many windows, for mixing, Qc etc… so I can mapKorgnano but can’t map correctly NI Komplete kontrol, right?
Because if I map my Qc in Komplete Control my other things in this midi stop to work. Right now it works wellbut I think it’s because I use it by midi remote like in Cubase 11.


Yes, that’s a solution. And there is a nanoKontrol script which includes Quick Controls already.

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You can keep the original function but assign a button or any other control to activate the 2nd page, and on this 2nd page, you can assign QCs for faders and the same button to go back to the 1st page.

The problem in this way just that Cubase 12 doesn’t have a script for Native Instruments keys in preset browser. And I need it to switch between mine scand original… :frowning:

Understand. Hope that someone here have an original script for native instruments this way I can create my own script for Qc and then can switch between mine script and original…

You can keep the KK S61 MK2 with the current settings (legacy KK MK2 settings from menu Studio Setup). Just overwrite the 8 encoders by creating a new midi remote controller and by selecting the 8 focus QCs für the 8 encoders. Make sure you select “KOMPLETE KONTROL - 1” as MIDI input and not "“KOMPLETE KONTROL DAW - 1” for the controller.

Thanks. But as I can understand, that in this way these 8 faders no longer work in the mixer mode? Or I need to save it as a new script? Sorry, but really don’t understand :frowning:


In the MIDI Remote API, you could make a page, where the 8 faders would work as the Mixer mode (you would need to occupy other buttons for the Channel/Bank switching Left and Right, or you would use the advantage of MIDI Remote auto-banking) and another page, where the 8 faders would work as 8 Quick Controls.


Hello. Thanks for the answer. But if I mapped these 8 faders then my other functions stop working. And I need to be back to original script. So I just need an original script for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol. Then I can easily switch between mine scripts and original. Dis you know where I can find it? Thank you very much for your help

Yeah, but I need the original script for my Komplete Kontrol s61. Then I can add my midi remote and can switch from one to another. But honestly, don’t know when I can find it…

So does anyone have the original script for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol s61? Or where I can get it?

Hello Alex,

you can use the KK Cubase Integration and the Quick Controls option side by side, but most of the controls are used by the KK Cubase Integration like play, rec, stop, track selection,… and these cannot be assigned or changed (They are working perfectly so no need).

To use Midi QCs you have to switch the KK Keyboard to MIDI (just press the MIDI button on the right on keyboard) and then the 8 knobs, 8 buttons in the middle and the touch strip are sending the CC, Notes, Program Changes based on your KK Midi Setup.
This KK midi setup can be created based on your preferences in the standalone KK-Software (top right left to NI logo). You can also create more pages, name the controls and assign different CC, Notes or Program Changes per page to the same control and switch between them via the cursor buttons on KK.
Finally you have to setup RemoteControl based on your need in Cubase with the setup you have done before.

So, you can build an incredibly good controller, I think a pre-ready script to import won’t really help…

But there are still some bugs in the Cubase Remote implementation - hope they will be fixed sometimes:

AI-Control (it works only with VST3-Steinberg Plugins, have tested several 3rd party VST3s and they won’t work.
If the assigned Cubase function is not a typical control but a shortcut function like calling a Marker feedback is not working.
and some more…

Hope that helps.


Hello. Big thanks for your help! Well, I love the default integration of Cubase 12 and my KK. Honestly I need just 8 faders for the Quick Controlls. And I like the feel of them on NI keyboard. Much better than in Korg Nano I think. So it’s the reason why I am asking. So seems that it is possible. Will try. But as I can understand I need to create my midid remote for these 8 faders for Quick Controlls anyway, right? And then switch to the default page. Right?