mapping a sample chromatically in groove agent 4se

Am just asking if anyone knows how i can map a single sample across the entire pads/keyboard in
groove agent SE to play chromatically?


I don’t think there’s a way to do it automatically, but you could do it by hand.

Create your chromatic samples, then drag each one to a pad. I’m assuming you are talking about a pitched sample, like a piano note? Obviously, the sample(s) you use will influence how good that’s going to sound. You could, theoretically, assign up to eight samples to each pad and use velocity to change samples… It’s a lot of hand work, but would result in an interesting “kit” of some sort.

You could also just assign the groove agent’s output to the input of another synth and use the pads to play it.

Good luck and have fun.

Drop a sample on a pad.

Select the pad and in the pitch tab of the editor switch on the key range and set upper and lower key.

In sample tab you also have audiowarp option which stops the sample getting shorter as you go up in pitch…it takes a while to calculate this so don’t worry, it hasn’t crashed!