Mapping Akai MPK mini MKII

I have just purchased Cubase elements 9.5 and the Akai MPK mini MKII midi controller. I am having a few problems.
I started by mapping knob one to the stereo in on the mixer. Knob 2 to the volume of the selected track on the mixer. Knob3 to panning on the selected track. Knob 4 to stereo out. However, when I insert a track, knob 4 automatically changes to control the volume of the new track. My previous settings are overridden.

My next problem is I would like to make Pad 1 the play button. so far I have not been able to do it.

I have called the Cubase tech support. The guy I spoke to could not help me. He did say he would get someone to call me, that has not happened as yet.
Oh I have contacted Akai, they passed the buck straight back to Cubase (Steinberg)

So can anyone help?

Because I could not get this to play nicely and due to lack of support from Akai, I returned the controller