mapping Akai MPK225 to Cubase Artist 10 - issues

A newbie here to Cubase but having fun! Slowly learning my way but have run into one issue that is puzzling. I have successfully mapped my Akai MPK225 keyboard controller to my Cubase except for one thing that I can only do until I close Cubase and then its gone til I re-map, as follows. I would like to re-map switches S1 to S4 as well as the loop button so that I can take better advantage of the MPK. My problem seems to be that the changes I make are not being properly saved in Cubase. When I add controllers such as cycle, click, step bar and step back bar, dutifully following instructions learned on Utube, they work fine until I close my session. Then they’re gone when I re-open for another go. I’ve tried different sequences of apply and close, but not re-set as this seems to me wrong, and I do’t want to mess anything up. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Of note, though, th main transport controllers always remain as well as the K knobs.


Is it the same issue as described here?

There is an known issue. You have to Export the Generic Remote setup to somehow “store it” to Cubase.

for years I persisted with an older and unsupported MPK controller from Akai, mine was the MPK 25. I suffered with many of the issues you are describing. in the end I was spending more time trying to troubleshoot the MPK & Cubase than making music. In the end after much frustration, I bit the bullet & purchased a controller from Nektartech based on advice I had received here & KVR. I went with the LX49+ which has integration files for Cubase & other major DAWs and was also a good opportunity to move from 25 to 49 keys. the difference is night and day with regards to compatibility with Cubase although there are still 1 or 2 minor issues but these are probably my own fault. probably not what you wanted to hear, sorry.

Son of a b. The export xml workaround solved my problem. Thanks all for the info. I’d rather be making tunes than messing around with software! Although the messing around is a learning experience!