Mapping APC20

hi guys,
i was wondering if anyone knows how to map the transport controls of my Akai APC20 to cubase??

As I don´t know the APC 20, I would give a first try to the Generic Control in Devices - Device Setup.
Using MIDI Learn that should work.


Same as other MIDI devices, which are not supported directly. Device > Device Setup. Click to + on top, and Add Generic Remote Device. Create your own settings. Top table are inputs (you can use MIDI Learn), bottom are features (functions) in Cubase. Very easy and very powerfull!

Don’t forget to save your settings as your own XML file.

thanks guys, i’ll give it a go

hmm ok so i’m still having a little trouble…
trying to map the transport buttons on apc20
on the top table i select, midi learn, push play button on controller…
on bottom table select as transport, start
but when i come out and press play on controll, nothing ???

i dont totally understand the process, any help guys appreciated


hi, harvhemp

I never use the MIDI learn function, but I can get what I want without it … I have an MPD32 controller which is not too far from your APC20, I guess. Few things to check :

  • In the ‘Device setup’ window, be sure that you have selected the right MIDI Input. I have two of them, so I guess that I am over cautious about this.
  • Be sure that the MIDI channels match both on your device global setup and in the ‘Channel’ field of your generic remote settings in Cubase.
  • Once all your settings are done, be sure to click on the ‘Apply’ button before closing the ‘Device setup’ window with the ‘OK’ one, otherwise none of them will be active.

This said, here is a screenshot of a setup quickly made from scratch. I use the MIDI 115 ro 119 controllers for the transport commands of my MPD32, simply because they are not allocated by default in the MIDI specifications. You could choose othe ones, but I find it more logical to do so this way. I setted both my MPD32 and generic remore items to channel 1.

Be sure to use ‘Command’->‘Transport’-><Command wanted (i.e. : ‘Stop’, ‘Fast rewind’…). Do not use the the ‘Transport’->‘Device’ chain : it doesn’t work and I am still wondering what it is supposed to do.

Hope this will help…

Does your APC20 support MMC messages? That would be a lot easier to set up.
Just set transport of the APC20 on MMC (if possible) and in Cubase: Transport -> Project Synchronisation Setup -> Machine Control Input -> [tick] MMC Slave Active -> [select] the APC20’s MIDI i/o