Mapping Assistant Functions browser, limited Channel access

Hey Cubase bro’s
just been playing around with the new “mapping assistant”, and noticed, during experiments to create scripts using the mapping assistant that the functions browser only allows a user to control 8 channels at a time, with functions to allow the user to select adjacent banks of 8 channels.

For each channel, there are loads of options with regards to what aspects of the channel strip you want to control, which is great, but just for 8 channels!

I was wondering if there was a way around this.
I wonder if there was any way to combine more than one control surface
so as to allow to control more than 8 channels (i.e. like the mackie control universal, which automatically recognises that more than one unit is plugged in, and auto assigns the second unit to the subsequent channels).

i.e. Unit one control (1-8 ch)
Unit two control (9-16 ch)
Unit three control (17-24 ch) etc.

any ideas anyone? would be grateful for any help
kind regards



You can increase the bank up to 128 channels if you wish. (By clicking on the bank label in the mapping assistant).

But if you want several physical devices to follow the same bank, you need to configure them as one device with multiple ports.

This is only possible via the scripting api.


Hi Thomas
Thanks so much for answering my post and very interesting re increasing the amount of channels up to 128 channels

Personally, to start with, I would like to create a 24 channel or 32 channel mixing board
but can see the advantages of having more

I will take a look at the mapping assistant again so as to try and add more banks or channels without having to use the same 8 channels via the bank select buttons

may be back for further advice if i can’t work it out.

Hey Thomas
Just a quick reply to say, yes, I have worked out how to add more Channels for access in the Mapping Assistant Functions Browser.
As you said, it is possible to increase how many channels you would like to control by opening up the Mapping Assistant so that the functions browser is showing, and then,
Open MixConsole (by pressing on triangle) so that Mixer Bank Zone and Output are showing,
Open Mixer bank Zone, so that === Setup ===, Actions, Channels are visible.
Mouse click on === Setup ===
enter how many channels you want to control into the Mixer Bank Channel Setup “Mixer Channels” field and press OK.
and then open up Channels folder by mouse clicking on the triangle next to it.
The Channel folder should now open to reveal the channels you have added. Hooray!
So that is very cool. Up to 128 channels.

Erm… not wanting to spoil things, but I am frenetically trying to do this for the past couple of days, and:

  1. It works fine! Together with “activate mapping page number nn” and go to next/previous bank I managed to set up a template for my 9-fader Hammer 88 Pro. Hooray!
    Each bank set to 100. 14 groups of instrument types. Was looking nice.
  2. Close project, reopen project… still super
  3. Close Nuendo and restart, then open project: all banks suddenly reset to the number of used faders on that particular page, so between 1 and 9. And the faders do no longer control the correct channels.
  4. Going crazy and now find your thread.

Did you come across this kind of strange phenomena?

Generic Remote completely disabled.
Project focus or Global focus makes no difference.

Windows 10, lots of Ram etc.

Hello Karel
Sorry to hear you having problems.
I have to admit, I have not tried too many different setups using the mapping assistant
so can not say from experience how this works for me normally

i do note you mention you are using “go to next / previous bank” buttons
which is different to the way I plan to use the mapping assistant

In the mapping assistant, it is possible for people who have control surfaces that have more than 8 faders (or channels of controls) to set up controls for more than 8 faders.

As Thomas Martin kindly suggested, Steinberg have built into the features of the mapping assistant to allow the user to === setup === the amount of channels
to as many as 128

once the user has done this, underneath the mixer bank zone, the extra channels (with all their controllable features) should appear.

Have not tried to see how this works in practice
but from what I can see,it should work

I am building my own control surface and presently do not have enough components to see if it works well

but will perhaps use what components i have and see if it works consistently using say
10 faders or 10 rotary encoders with each fader or encoder being set up to use with its own channel

May I suggest that the problem may be caused by your hardware?