Mapping Electric Drum Kit - Hi-hats

A bit of a newbie here working with midi & drum mapping.

I am attempting to get a Simmons SD7K electric drum kit mapped out in cubase. My Virtual Instrument is Steven Slate Drums through Kontakt Player 5
I have managed to get the kick, snare, toms, crash & ride successfully mapped out, so now I am just left with the hi hat.

There are a couple problems:

  1. When the foot pedal is pushed all the way down and I hit the high hat, it triggers the ride sound.
    So pedal down+high hat pad and ride both fall under the ‘note’ “A-1” in my drum map. I am not sure how to change ONE of these to have them on separate ‘notes’.

  2. How do i properly set up the hi hat pedal in cubase to control the open -> anything in between -> closed hi-hat sounds?


I managed to not have the Hi-hat conflict with the ride cymbal.

Now the hi-hat sounds the same with the pedal both up and pressed down.

So what do I need to do to the drumkit & in cubase to make this pedal act like one normally would on a kit?

Assign a closed or foot hat to the closed position.

It’s probably easier to map the sounds to midi notes in SSD than to change the midi notes your module sends.
I don’t have SSD but that should not be too complicated. Record some midi from your drumkit to see which midi notes correspond to the open/closing/closed hi hats.

Thanks for the replies. I think I have the mapping pretty much set.

Now I just need to get the pedal to control the opening & closing of the hi-hat.
How would I go about this?

It usually works like this: The hi-hat trigger sends on F#2 when the pedal is closed, and on Bb2 when the pedal is open. The pedal transmits on G#2 when it closes. It’s just different note numbers being sent depending on the pedal state. At least that’s how it worked on my DM5. My DTX700 is a bit more complicated because it has a real stand and isn’t just open or closed, but also anything in between.

So what you do is assign the open hihat sound to Bb2, the closed hihat sound to F#2 and the closing hihat sound to G#2.

The midi note numbers might be different depending on your Cubase settings I believe, it could also be in the third octave.

I guess I am at the same stage as you were when You started this thread.
Got a Yamaha 502 brain with an older Hihat controller Which I am about to get started with along with Groove Agent.
What steps Did You take in the process, and How many stages of close->open are you getting now?