Mapping internally to VST Quick Controls?

Heya all,

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get a plugin able to output midi CC messages to map to Cubase VST Quick Controls?
I’m basically trying to take control and use a plugin (MCCGenerator) to control plugins that don’t allow midi CC control mapping (Soundtoys) but that do allow automation. Cubase allows you to quickly map and bridge any plugin parameter to a quick control and automation and then control that using an external controller, but it seems there is no way of routing this control internally from a plugin such as MCCGenerator?!

Hope that’s kind of clear…

Any insights would be most welcome, cheers!

To try your idea you can use a midi interface and connect it with a midi cable. If it work you might have a midi interface that can do that internally, or you can use a virtual midi interface that does that. But it is not completely internal within cubase.

Check in the CMC/Hardware section of the forums. There are some threads regarding using outside controllers and midi info…