Mapping key switches East West Gong on single line?

I would like to use the All Gongs patch from the East West library on a single percussion line and use play techniques names to switch to other key switches. I cannot get it to work though. A normal hit is on key switch 72, the other one is a bowed gong sound on 48. How do I get this to play on a single percussion line?

Is it really on key switch 72, or do you mean that you have to play MIDI note 72 (i.e. the C above middle C) to get the sound you want? If so, then you need to define a percussion map in Play > Percussion Maps that specifies the appropriate instrument and technique for MIDI note 72, matching the instrument and playing technique you’ve mapped in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog, then make sure that you set the percussion map you have created in the Endpoint Setup dialog for the appropriate channel of the appropriate instance of Play.

The percussion instrument playing technique defines the instrument and technique you want to produce; the percussion map specifies which notes provide which combinations of instruments and techniques are provided by a specific patch on your virtual instrument; the Endpoint Setup dialog specifies which percussion map should be used for the channel in the virtual instrument into which the patch is loaded.

The basic sound is the c that is 2 octaves above middle c, which according to the table I have, is 72. This is the key Switch number, right?

No, it’s not. It’s the MIDI note number for that sound. In Play > Percussion Maps, make sure you have clicked ‘Show all’ so that all of the MIDI notes show up, then find 72 in the table and set the appropriate values there.

I followed the Operation Manual for creating a creating a percussion Map (page 699 and further), but at the end I cannot get the sounds played that I need.
Maybe it’s because of this: on page 700, it says:

Select a playing technique to apply to the instrument selected in the Instrument
field from a list of all the playing techniques you can create in Dorico."

I choose for example Bowed and Natural from this list. But when I try to enter these in the score as a Playing Technique, these words are not available. According to the text above though, they are part of the “list of all the playing techniques you can create in Dorico”.

What am I missing here?

Selecting a percussion playing technique is completely different from selecting a non-percussion playing technique.

You need to use Alt-Shift-Up/Down arrows to cycle through the available percussion playing techniques. See page 683 item 4 of the manual.

That seems to apply only to kits, the Gong I am trying to get assigned to a library in Play is not part of a kit.

I think it applies to non kit percussion also. Did you add the bowed technique in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog in setup mode?

I just built a gong instrument and added both bowed and choke. I can select the techniques using then method I described above.

I am not clear on how to use that section. Did you create the bowing technique yourself or did you choose it from the list? Because it’s already in the list. Do you have some screenshots that could hint me what to do?

Here’s the file as an example.

Just click the + sign to add a technique (select bowed from the list), assign it different playhead and you should be in business. (308 KB)


Yes, I got it to work, finally. I assume it’s also possible to keep the same note head but use Playing Technics symbols instead? Thanks for your help.

I thought it worked… when I click the notes the sound is correct and i can see how the correct key switch is being triggered, but when I play the score back, the other defined sound is being played. Why is there are difference between clicking and playback?

check your percussion map for duplicates and make sure the map range only spans defined entries. Dorico scans the map in a different order when playing back vs. selecting.

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