Mapping Keyboard Slider to Stereo Out

I’m running Cubase 9.5. In Studio Setup\Remote Devices\Generic Remote I have configured one of my keyboard faders to:

Device = Mixer, Channel/Category = Stereo Out, Value/Action = Volume, Flags = “,”. This allows me to adjust the output volume very conveniently.

However, every time I restart Cubase it stops working, and when I open the Dialog there’s a number (presumably a Midi Channel) such as 2, or 4, or whatever. When I reset it back to “Stereo Out” it starts working again, until the next time I open Cubase.

Any idea why this value won’t stay set? All of my other control settings work fine - it’s just this one that’s giving me trouble.

I use Pro ver. 9.0.4. Make sure you save the GR file via export. Then, import that file and Apply it. The GR it should remain between sessions. If you’re just using it for the one fader, you could also use a quick control preset.

I have lots of controls assigned: this is the only one that’s causing problems.

I’m afraid I already tried the export/import method. I’ve just re-tried it now, then imported a Midi File that mapped its tracks to Sonic SE, and the Fader’s outputs changed to “HSSE Main”.

Am I using the right setting with Mixer/Stereo Out?

I’ve just figured out what it’s doing. When I mapped the fader to “Stereo Out”, with a blank project, the Channel Strip corresponding to Stereo Out just happened to be the second strip in the mixer (after Stereo In). If you look in the exported xml file, it maps to an integer value representing the ordinal position of that strip in the mixer at the time, NOT the actual Stereo Out. So as soon as I create a new track, the fader gets assigned to whatever is the second strip in the mixer.

That’s pretty bad.

OK, so if anyone else encounters this problem, here’s the solution: use VST Mixer/Stereo Out, NOT Mixer/Stereo Out. This works.

Yes, the values will change and it seems that VST Mixer is the better choice. I can’t find a lot of information about what “Mixer” is (or was) used for. VST Mixer seems to give the best results. Sounds like you’ve got it mostly working now. Good job.