Mapping MIDI CC's to Faders/Knobs?

I saw this thread on the Avid Artist Series Forum.

With regard to HOW all of this works, I was able to get the knob on the MIDI CCs to work in Quick Controls. But I couldn’t get it to work with Fader Flip, which would work MUCH better. So, the first question right off is CAN you transfer the knob to fader control when using QCs?

The second question has to do with getting Quick Controls to open on the MC Control. On the Artist Mix, you press and hold the EQ button to launch QC. But this doesn’t work on MC (there isn’t even a on/off light to suggest the option). So is the option even available on the MC?

Finally, even if I can only do this function on the Artis Mix, is there any way to map the MIDI CCs to separate knobs (ie: spread like the other channel controls)?