Mapping midi controllers to layer-specific parameters

I am considering a move from a Kurzweil workstation to VST Live. Currently, I am trying out the demo. Except for some crashes here and there, I like what I see!
One significant feature I am missing (or have not found yet) is mapping midi controllers to layer-specific parameters. For example:

  • Using a midi pedal to mute/unmute a layer from a part. I could make copies of the part with the layer muted and unmuted and use a pedal to run through these parts, but that’s unpractical if you want to add a second accent layer in let’s say 10 parts of a song.
  • Crossfading between two layers using an expression pedal. I often use this to cross-fade between for example strings and brass.

On project level, there are these action and shortcuts in which you can define this kind of midi mapping, but that’s not what I am looking for. It should be part-based.
I might be spoiled by the extreme flexibility of the Kurzweil platform, but some midi mapping flexibility is required for me to consider taking the step to VST Live

We don’t accept crashes at all and are very grateful if you could send us crashlogs, thanks!

You can do a lot of stuff with the 2Actions and Shortcuts" function under the devices manu, and foremost, the Learn function (“L” icon at the bottom left). For this, you would assign your controller values the LAyer Mute buttons, or in Actions and Shortcuts, in the Layer Category, add an action “Mute” and select which Layer to address.

This should also be possible using similar methods. At the moment, it requires your controller to send two seperate values, where one is opposite to the other.

  • Thanks for your feedback. I am writing down all bugs and testing them first before sharing. Will provide this info & crashlogs asap.
  • I tried the “Actions and shortcuts” and the “Learn” function, but these are global midi mappings. I would need define it on part level, not project level. By the way, a small bug: “Midi learn” also listens to the clock. I think it is better to filter this out by default. Otherwise it is very difficult to use “Midi learn”.

Correct. This leaves you with dedicated plugins settings, and requires the plugin to provide a function serving your request. You can use either Quick Controls to access the plugs parameters directly, or one of the 8 assignable MIDI controllers.

ouch, it shouldn’t, will fix next update, thanks for reporting.