Mapping Midi Pads

Hi Guys,
first post here. So i am trying to map Cubasis’ pads to my MPK mini and use that via CCK of ipad. The keys work great but I am struggling to figure out exactly which pad is tied to what note musically so I can map them in akai’s editor. If someone has a midi map of Cubasis’ pads (or all features, i haven’t found either yet) and/or any idea how to help please respond.
please and thank you

hey IcyChameleon,

simply select no instrument to the bottom of the instrument list and hit the EDIT button within the PAD section. Select single instead of chords and your free to choose any note.


Cool! That’s nice to know! :slight_smile: I assume this allows you to set your pads up to send custom midi notes out as well? If for example, I wanted to map to coincide with GM mapping for 16 of the GM drum notes, I could use the pads to send midi out to another device like BS-16i (for example) and play back GM sf2 drumkits? I recognize that there are more GM notes than there are pads, but it seems like it would work…