Mapping multiple instances of a percussive sound


I’ve not found any answer specific to my issue. I have a percussion kit containing five instances of Gongs. Note playback is via NotePerformer, so I know there is only a single Gong sound available. I’m fine with this, and would like to map the five instances to that output note.

Unfortunately, I find that some of the instances play a different sound in the percussion kit. The Percussion Map is the correct one (NP Orchestral Percussion).

Is there a way to force all the five instances in the percussion kit to that same note?


There are six gongs shown in your kit. Which ones play back as expected, and which don’t?

Daniel, very sorry, I should have written ‘six’ and not ‘five’.

The ones that play the wrong instrument (a tom or a snare drum with snares off) are the three highest ones, that is, the three Small Gongs.

I think the NP Orchestral Percussion map doesn’t contain a “Small Gong” instrument, so this might be the cause.

EDIT: I confirm, there was not an entry for “Small Gong”. By adding it to the percussion map, it worked.