Mapping of voices to instruments


So, in my limited understanding of how voicing works with MIDI, I have in mind a way I could do this, but it’s probably not the most efficient. Is there a video for how to do something like this? By my markings (div. a 3) I want the notes played by three separate players or sets of players.

What I was thinking was to ‘Enable independent playback of voices’ for the Violin, and then map each voice using the drop downs/plugins. But it became obvious fairly quickly I will run out of MIDI channels if each voice has to be mapped to a different MIDI channel even though it would be the same preset. I’m fairly certain there’s something major I’m missing here.

Please be nice to me as I’m still learning MIDI and how to use it with Dorico etc… Since I don’t know how to do it, I don’t necessarily know the questions to ask.

Also, since it’s a simple chord, I don’t want separate staves… I feel like that would be overkill since this is one of the very few spots in my piece that has this going on.

Ok, so since I made the original post (everything above), I discovered that each instance of SINE player is its own instrument and thus a new set of 16 channels each! Ok, so dumb newbie revelation, I get it. But that really answered a LOT of questions for me.

I know this isn’t the place for it, but if someone understands the ‘soft outs’ in SINE player please point me in the right direction.

For a single chord like the div. a 3 in your example, using independent voice playback and writing each note in its own voice is probably overkill, particularly since it will leave you with a mess of stems and flags etc. to hide, but it’s the only way to achieve this particular result.

My own feeling is that it wouldn’t be worth the effort for a single chord (not even close!), but if you start writing more extensive divisi, then you can make use of the fact that each section can be written on its own staff and played back independently, then shown on a single staff in the full score if possible by way of condensing.

Ok, I know there’s got to be a video for this? Can you point me to it?


You could certainly start here.

Thank you, Daniel!

Wow! That was a million times easier! I did what you said and created two groups of players in setup, one with three violin players and one with two viola players, enabled condensing, and it made it infinitely easier! Oh well, if nothing else my first experiment with voices taught me how to work with them in Dorico, especially on the ‘Play’ tab. It’s amazing to me how incredibly flexible everything is! Thanks for the video!