Mapping pitch to unpitched perc grid

Hi all,

I am mapping pitched notes to a 7 line percussion grid. When I copy and paste from the grand staff to the grid this is the behaviour that I get (which is very useful for my needs actually!). I am just wondering is it possible to tweak this behaviour. I would like change how notes are mapped, for example if I had 70 notes in the pitched range, I would like to tweak this mapping so that each grid line would take 10 notes. I was looking into percussion maps, but I couldn’t find anything there to tweak.

Thanks ,

No, I’m afraid you can’t tweak this behaviour, Sean. Dorico snaps the pitches from the pitched staff to the nearest staff positions on the grid as best it can, but there’s no way for the user to influence this process.

No worries and thanks Daniel. This default behaviour is already quite useful and has saved me loads of time.