Mapping samples correctly in Cubase


I am currently using the free trial of GA4 with a view to buying at the end of the month if it does what I hope it can do.

I have read that no drum maps are necessary with GA4. However when I drag across loops I have made in GA4 plugin into Cubase 5 I lose certain samples (usually the hi-hats) as they are mapped to different midi keys (hi-hats down on A#0). It feels like I should be telling Cubase to look at a GA drum map that corresponds to how samples are assigned in the GA4 instrument view, but I can’t seem to find a way.

Please let me know if you can think of why this might be.



Turned out to be the same issue as this:

If you are experiencing the same, see solution there. Surprised the midi port B option is not highlighted by default, but maybe that’s just me! :slight_smile: