mapping shows same address

Hi. I’m on a Windows 7 64-bit. I’ve got Cubase Elements 7. My midi keyboard controller is Oxygen 25 and I am attempting to map the transport buttons from my controller to Cubase so that I can play/stop/rec conveniently from my controller.

I do the following to attempt to map the buttons…

Devices>Device Setup>Remote Devices (Generic Remote) and tick the “Learn” checkbox. It seems to respond to my presses, but under the ‘Address’ column, all the addresses are assigned identical numbers…127. This doesn’t seem right, is it? Each button needs to have a unique address to distinguish it from the rest.

Here is a screen capture of what I see on my screen:

I remember playing with the manual for the Oxygen 25 midi keyboard controller this morning. I was practicing assigning MMC Control to buttons and I followed the steps for that. In one of the steps, it asks me to assign a channel, 127, and that’s what I did for each and every transport button. I guess I inadvertently assigned the exact same number to all buttons. Is this called “Device ID”?

I don’t want to assign it random numbers which I’m not familiar with. Are there MIDI standard channel ID’s for the transport buttons?

I figured out how to assign my own ‘Device ID’ to the keyboard controller. I went back into Cubase to assign the controller buttons to Cubase via ‘Learn’ and I was happy to see the Device ID’s I had created now showing up on the Cubase screen. However, the transporter in Cubase has yet to respond to my button presses on my controller. Help!