Mapping Specific bars to a music frame

It’s really cool that you can edit, move around, and create new music frames that may or may not be continuous. I couldn’t find a way to show a specific bar in a music frame, though. There are only options for layouts and instruments. The workaround I’m trying is to create a new layout just with the music I want to show (not great). Am I overseeing something?


  1. are you using the new ipad version released today or the desktop version?

2a. if ipad, are you a subscriber to get full engraving mode access? If not, you’re out of luck.
2b. if desktop: go to engrave mode and use the options for “make into system” or “make into frame”:

You can’t specify what bar number a music frame starts at - it’s either the start of the flow, or continues on from a previous frame in the same frame chain.

If you want to show specific excerpts, you’ll need to have those as separate flows (and remove them from other layouts or frame chains as needed).

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Yes; upon reading lillie’s reply, I reread your post and realized I missed the gist of it.

To make floating boxes with only specific measures in them, create a new flow, put just the little bit of music you want into that flow (and hide it from the general layout) and then insert a frame and point to that particular flow. Wayyyy back when Daniel did an amazing arrangement of some prayers and responses (this was like three years ago?) and he shared the project to demonstrate how arranging boxes & flows worked. You might look that up and explore that file to see how he accomplished it.

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Thanks for replying. In that case, is that a feature that is on the radar? It seems like it would very handy to create performance notes, examples, etc.

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Castro, it is possible already, (that’s what I’m saying). In stead of assigning a single measure (which you can’t do), just c&p that music you want to put into a performance note into its own flow, create a box, and assign that flow to that box. It’s an extra step or two, but the end result is the same. Alternatively, you could use the snippets feature to take a vector screen shot of it within the program itself and then just add the image to an image frame (this might be easier/quicker) for little foot notes and whatnot, but mind you it is not dynamic, so if you’d change notes, you’d have to take a new screenshot.