Mapping staffs to playback

Can someone point me to a primer in how to assign a staff to a playback instrument, and in particular, a specific note? I have an orchestral score in which I’m using a single-line staff for a bass drum, and have input all the notes (I think I recorded the bass drum using middle C?) but it doesn’t play back anything. What’s the process for assigning that bass drum staff to a patch in the Play tab that can correctly play back a bass drum sample?

The simplest way is to let Dorico do the work, using a playback template. I suppose you’ve been tweaking things manually, hence overriding Dorico. Then you need to do it all manually (or apply a playback template again, but you will lose all your tweaks). Pick a drum kit in HSSE (I suppose the Yamaha one is the best), then click on the cog in the vsti area corresponding to that drum kit (left panel in Play mode), and make sure you set the right percussion map to your drum kit. The percussion map is the link between notation and your vsti, without it nothing works. The Yamaha percussion or general midi percussion map should give you good results.