Mapping the Razer Huntsman multi-function dial as a jog wheel

I recently got a Razer Huntsman keyboard and it has this multi-function dial at the top right that can be remapped in Razer’s Synapse software to various functions. I figured it might be useful to map it as a jog wheel, but for the life of me I can’t get it to work.
I have the relevant keyboard shortcuts mapped in Cubase (specifically to Num + and Num -) and have done the same for the keyboard, but Cubase won’t read the inputs at all. It works fine if I just use the actual Numpad + and - though.
Any ideas?

What exactly did you do the same for the keyboard?

I mapped the multi-function dial in the following way:
-roll it upwards and it registers a “Num -” key press
-roll it downards and it registers a “Num +” key press
As I mentioned before, these are mapped on Cubase to jog left and right functions.

By “keyboard” alone a Cubase user usually refers to a MIDI keyboard, not a PC keyboard, but I too am to blame (because I didn’t do a Google search beforehand).

Anyway, I’m posting these screenshots in order to make the problem easier to understand.

PC Gaming Keyboard (screenshots)

Personal note:
I use Bome Midi Translator Pro to map different MIDI signals (coming from different MIDI devices) to different scripts (made with AppleScript) and apart from letting me map different MIDI signals, it lets me use as trigger different keyboard combinations as well. In Cubase though, you can’t use any of these assignments (bummer, I know). If you assign for example “shift+f” to “backspace”, it won’t work even if “shift+f” is assigned to nothing in the Key Commands dialog. This is the reason why I think your problem is a bit unsolvable.

Using the the same software (that I mentioned above, or a similar one) you might be able to map the jog wheel action to a MIDI note output message, then in Cubase you could assign that MIDI note output message to JogLeft and JogRight.

Generic Remote (screenshot)

Well, that’s a bummer.
Sorry for the confusion about the keyboard thing and thanks for replying.
I may try this workaround, see if it helps.