Mapping unpitched percussion to specific note outputs

I am using EZDrummer and have created a percussion map based on the kit I am using within it.

There are several variations to some of the samples, dependent upon which particular midi note triggers them (outside of General MIDI standard). Is there a way to map the output of a given position+notehead to a specific midi note so I can utilise these variations? I am thinking along the lines of Sibelius, in which I was able to create a map which specified notehead, position, input note and output note.

I’ve looked at editing the playing techniques in the kit editor, but there does not seem to be an option to specify which output note the technique refers to.

Yes, it should be possible to do this: let’s say you have a specific sound you want to hear mapped to MIDI note 72 in your EZDrummer drum map. In Play > Percussion Maps, you define the appropriate instrument (let’s say “China cymbal”) and the appropriate technique (let’s say “Scrape”) there for MIDI note 72. Now in your percussion kit, make sure you have a China cymbal instrument, and use the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog to ensure that you have a dedicated notehead assigned to the “Scrape” technique. It doesn’t even have to look different to other mapped noteheads: you can simply use Shift+Alt+up/down arrow to switch the noteheads to different techniques and it should trigger the right sound on playback.

Sorry, but I’m not doing very well with this.

I’ve attached a screenshot which shows a section of the EZDrummer Drum Map, with the instrument sound names as defined by EZDrummer in the left hand column. You can see that there is a choice of different tomtom rimshot sounds (which trigger the appropriate drum sounds in the EZDrummer Kit). I’m not likely to use these, but they serve as an example.

How, for example, do I get the sound defined on MIDI Note 78 (Highlighted) to show in the kit editor, input it into the 5-line staff and thus get it to trigger the appropriate sound?

What is probably confusing me is that there is a predefined list of instruments in the dropdown menu to choose from in the percussion map editor, and another predefined list of instruments in the kit editor, and I’m not sure how to correlate it all.

P.S. to the above. I’ve just realised I hadn’t changed the VST endpoint settings for EZDrummer to use the new drum map. I’ll have another go at it next time I’m on the program.

It’s the same list of predefined instruments in both the Percussion Maps dialog and the Edit Percussion Kit dialog, and you do need to make sure that you match them up.

Thanks for your help, Daniel.

I’ve now managed to successfully set up the kit. As you say, the key was getting the instrument entries to exactly match, together with getting the end point dialogue and the track routing set up properly.