Marcato key command


the key command for marcato, why do you have to hit this key twice to get the articulation above the note. Same to delete it.

Typically this isn’t how this works. What keyboard language are you using, and which operating system?

Nederlands(nederland)-Verenigide Staten (International). It’s the same on my laptop (Lenovo x1 2nd generatie). On both I’m using windows. I think there is another key command with the same issue.

The marcato shortcut is " ’ " (the apostrophe), which is typically two keys to the right of the letter “l”. If my cursory Googling has served me correct results, on Dutch keyboards that key is the key that you use to create an acute accent. It’s a dead key - the operating system won’t do anything with it until you’ve typed another letter (e.g. you would type ’ followed by e and the operating system would then give you é). This is a specific incompatibility between the physical keyboard you’re using (Nederlands) and the keyboard layout Dorico is using (English). You should reassign the marcato keyboard shortcut within Dorico to something else.

ok, thnx.

I discovered the solution. It doesn’t have to do with the language but with the keyboard you choose. You have to make a opportunity to switch between 'US International" and “US”.
Click on the Windows icon at the bottom left of the screen, click on settings, choose time and language (tijd en taal), choose in the left column language (taal). Now you see at the bottom of the center column “Nederlands(Nederland)” (or another language of course), click on this word. Now you see “options”(opties). Click on this word.
At the bottom you see “Add keyboard” (toetsenbord toevoegen). Choose US (QUERTY) (Verenigde Staten QUERTY).
You can switch now between the US keyboard and US International keyboard by Windowskey + space.
With the US keyboard the marcato key command works fine.

Great, thnx a lot!! works fine.