March 39th ANY news on the 2nd patch

Yeah, I know I’m being a brat now. But I want to make sure that Steinberg knows that we’re very AWARE that nothing has been said about the second patch PROMISED for March 2021! It’s not like we’re doing a feature request here. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT EUCON USERS DESPERATELY NEED, if they’re not using Pro Tools as their primary DAW!! Avid not only has no incentive to address these issues, it actually works to their advantage to force non PT users “into the fold!” :rage:

That makes those of us fighting tooth and nail to retain the DAWs we’re using, damn near zealots at this point. We’ve been frustrated FOR YEARS now with this request for the Hide/Show and bank following issue. This issue is the literal difference of having our controllers being helpful or distractions. So telling us that you’ll fix this by March and then not even giving us an update on the status, when you miss the promised deadline is not going to know unnoticed. It’s more than rude. It’s flat-out disrespectful.

If you’re running behind, just tell us. Don’t act like, if you just don’t say anything, we’ll forget. We won’t! WE NEED THIS!

So, can we at least have a status report on what currently appears to be “vapor ware?” Is this patch coming or not?


It’s not ready yet.
Still working on it.
We have tried thumbscrews, starvation and cutting the Gin-Tonic breaks of the developers, but nothing seems to help for speeding up the work.



March 39th.

What kind of calendar are you working on? :grinning:

well thats explains why things are slow from the first place haha

today its March 40 (if somehow April is skipped)

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The same one Steinberg is using, apparently. :triumph:

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I’m also impatiently waiting for this to be solved. I noticed, that my complete workflow has been altered to working around this issue. When I’m using Protools occoasionally, it is so much faster when it comes to mixing a project on the surfaces… Honestly, what’s the issue with avid when there is no alternative surface with this level of integration from yamaha? I could never afford a nuage controller. And even if, i would not have the space for it. So, please do the right thing and implement this very important feature.

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I’m eagerly awaiting an update as well, but in my experience actual mixing on a controller is much faster in Nuendo - for me. I do post though, not music. Perhaps that’s a difference. But to me just the ability to map automation parameters to keys for control makes a huge difference (touch/latch/trim/punches etc).

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We are currently testing Release Candidates, so it is coming closer.



It would have been nice to know that in March, when it was scheduled to be released.

Honestly, with the exception of the need for faders, you could do what wanted with a $200.00 Key Command module, like X-Keys from P.I. Engineering and with a LOT less hassle. You open the box, spend a couple of hours programming the KCs you need and you’re done!

I was using that X-Keys unit years before I got the Artist Series Hardware and I was immediately struck by how much simpler the X-Keys unit did the SAME TASKS. The very reason I’m able to limp along with the Artist Series gear is because my X-Keys is still doing most of the heavy lifting. Any function that’s critical is on there, NOT my MC or Mix units. I don’t have to page to get to them. They’re right there. When there’s an update, those commands STILL WORK. I don’t have to keep re-programming the same tasks, as I often do with with the Avid hardware.

If that’s all you really need, you could get off this “hamster wheel” right now! Just get an X-Keys, use your Mix for the faders and pans and call it a day! :triumph: