Marching Band Template - Feature Request

Would it be possible to add a marching band template to future releases of Dorico?

In the meantime, what would be the best way to create standard-sized top-stapled marching band scores and flip-folder sized parts using regular US letter-sized paper? I’m fine with trimming the excess borders to size.

I’m pretty new to Dorico, but haven’t been able to find any good tutorials or advice for how to do this. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

JR, you mean 6.75x10.5?

Layout Options (Ctrl-Shift-L), Page Setup. How your printer prints them will depend on your device, but the size will be correct in Dorico. Unless there’s something else I’m missing in your request.

See here for some tips.

If you want 2 per page, you have 2 options…

  1. Export parts to PDF at 5x7 then use a PDF editor to put 2 per page.
  2. Make a custom Master Page.

Dan - Yes, I believe that the score size is 6.75x10.5 and the parts are 5x7.

Craig - Thanks for your feedback. Very helpful as a workaround.

In the future, would it be possible for the developers to incorporate these items into a standard template accessible via the Setup dialogue?

Once you’ve set it up once you can always save that empty file somewhere safe for future re-use. Custom (user-created) templates are on the developers’ to-do list, and if there’s sufficient demand for this specific template the developers may get to incorporating it into the factory template list. That’s their call, obviously.

Leo - agreed. As a new user, I’m willing to try to create the custom template on my own but am encourging the developers to include it in the factory template list.

By all means share with us a template that you find suitable in the form of an actual Dorico project (with the page size, staff size, players/instruments, etc. that you expect to see), and we’ll look into it.

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Daniel - Thanks!