Marching Drum Playback with NP

I have been trying to use Dorico as much as possible but marching drums in Dorico has been my stopping point.

Currently I have my playback engine set to NP, but the only sound my tenors, bass drums, and cymbals make is a tabla-esqe sound…I’ve tried remapping it to different sounds or the same sounds to no change. I don’t even care if its just a generic sound, but something vaguely relevant to the instrument would be nice.

I was also wondering how folks are handling multiple “sounds” on the instruments like rim clicks, shots, cymbals on a snare part, etc…I know there’s probably at least a thread somewhere about this but I can’t find one that seems to cover this clearly.

If I can get the drumline side of this all figured out, I’m probably gonna write the whole show next year in Dorico, but I really need good drumline playback for that to happen.

Thanks in advance,


I think NotePerformer only has orchestral percussion sounds, and only those are mapped automatically.

I don’t use percussion much, but once engraving a military band march I innocently selected marching bass drum, marching snare drum, etc as instruments and got the same as you (just some anonymous generic drum sound) till I changed them to orchestral instruments.

But I wasn’t bothered about playback enough to spend more time figuring it out, sorry.

Travis, if you have a dedicated marching percussion library like Virtual Drumline available to you, it’s possible to use that with Dorico reasonably well. You can contact my colleague John at j dot barron at steinberg dot de if you’d like to get a look at his work-in-progress template that maps many of the sounds for the four main drumline instruments.