Mark all topics read?

I cannot find a way to mark all topics as read - either in a forum or a sub-forum. Is it possible to do this?

When viewing the “New” topics, you should find a “Dismiss New” button at the top and bottom of the topic list on the right hand side.

I just tried the “Dismiss New” (never tried that one before). It doesn’t do anything close to a proper marking of all topics read. This is my biggest frustration with the new forums.

Okay, so in preferences I just found under Notifications an option to “Consider topics new when … created since I was here last”. I’ll give that a try. Probably as close as I’m going to get to something that is just easy and makes sense. Even if that works as advertised, it still isn’t the same.

Nope. That’s not the answer. Oh, well. Good things come and good things go …

‘Dismiss New’ does not mark all topics read.

Since posts from the old forum have been transferred to here, every one is flagged as ‘unread’ (i.e. displayed in black text instead of grey). The old forum allowed users to mark all posts in a forum or sub-forum as ‘read’. This made it very easy to visually see new posts next time they logged in, as they would be displayed in a different colour.

Is this not possible on the new forum?

The way I understand it is that Discourse has a different philosophy to phpBB in that it’s not like an email inbox that you need to read everything, with that pressure to have read everything always gnawing at you.

The way I use it is to not worry about whether a thread is read or not, but do the following:

  1. Scan the “new” tab for topics of interest, or read everything depending on how much time I have. My preferences (under “Notifications”) are set to automatically “track” topics that I spend more than 4 minutes reading, or if I reply, or if I press the keys “m” and “t” in rapid succession to “track” the topic. Any topics remaining in “new” can be acknowledged by clicking “dismiss new”

  1. Any update to topics I track will then appear in the “unread” tab, which I check next.

  2. Lastly, if I want to look at what’s going on in conversations that I’ve skipped over previously, I can browse the category topic list and review everything up to the “last visit” line which shows me where I got to last time I visited. Again, I don’t feel compelled to read everything above this line.

Again, I understand this is quite different to the workflow that we’ve been all used to in phpBB, but as I become more used to it, I find it quite freeing to be able to keep up with new and interesting topics without having to read every update to every topic or continuously “mark all as read”.

Leaving topics as genuinely unread means that if I come back to it in the future (e.g. via search) then I actually know whether I’ve read it or not.

There’s obviously been quite a bit of thought that’s gone into this, so I’d really encourage you to give it a try and not worry too much about finding a way to “mark all as read”.

I certainly appreciate your input, Ben. I’ll figure something out that works for me eventually. It was just so easy before to view one page and see all forums and sub-forums and if there was any new posts. Old habits are hard to break. I think I’ll have a shot and a smoke … :checkered_flag: