Mark items for copy


is there any tutorial how to mark items (for copying/editing)?

Some problems I couldn’t find in the manual and couldn’t figure out myself:

  1. How do you mark a complete Stave f.e. from bar 10 to 20?
    When I use a limiting box, often some accidentels which are very high or very low are not marked, or I have the problem some neighboring staves are marked also.

I can click on a single bar to get this marked completely, and I can add other bars holding CTRL down, but this gets kind of tedious if there are lots of bars to be marked. Is there a better way?

  1. How do I mark a single voice from a multi-voice staff?
    Especially if I have a multi-voice staff and want to copy each voice on a separate system, how can I do this?

Any help on marking items would be appreciated,


  1. Pressing Shift you can select all the music there is between two clicks.
  2. I think it is not possible right now, but will be in the future.