Marker API

Hey PG,

as an Audiobook Company we will be using a AI software which basically compares the recorded Audio to the provided script. The SW will be a real timesaver for us!

They do have an option to export the markers with the errors to pretty many Editing SW/DAWs.
Unfortunately Wavelab is not yet among them. The CEO is very eager to include Wavelab to this list. Therefore he needs access to the API for the markers of Wavelab.

Would you be open to discuss this topic with him?
I would be more than happy to connect you.


Markers inside audio files? WaveLab already supports this of course, in the same way as SoundForge or Audition. Actually, WaveLab supports even more formats.
Nevertheless, I am, of course happy to talk to the CEO you quote.


His name is Adam Fritz from Pozotron.

I`ll tell him that you are going to contact him.


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Communication has been established. Since WaveLab already has an import marker function in the marker tool window (XML file), WaveLab is already equipped and does not need to be updated. Pozotron should start working on it soon, I believe.

Perfect! :purple_heart:

As a reminder, you import an XML marker file inside WaveLab, both for audio files and montages, there: