Marker as sequencer option

Hi all there.
i’ve made a search thru the forum but found no answer about my question.

I’m running Cubase 8.5 Pro running on OSX 10.12.3

I have an 8 tracks project of drum recording which contains three takes of the same song (almost identical beetween them).

Now, i’ve placed markers for each the single section of the song ( intro, verse, chorus, special and so on) in order to compare the three takes and choose each best section of them.
the idea is to build an " Ideal perfect take" by cutting and then assemble back their best versions.

My question is:
there is a way to use markers as a “play sequencer” without exporting tracks?

i mean, i’d like to:

  • start playing from the best intro ( say marker 10);
  • then the sequence jumps to the best verse 1 ( say marker 2);
  • then it jumps to the best chorus 1 (say marker 18) and so on…

It would be great to have a kinda preview of an “user marker sequence” in order to listen if the “ideal take” is available before cutting and assembling sections.

Thank you very much.

You should take a look at the Arranger Track, it will let you play sections in whatever order you like.

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Hi Raino,

thanks for your reply.

Yes I know it and I already use arranger the way you told.
But it takes double the time and it’s bonded to arrange mode engage on and off on track.

My idea was just to place markers ( one very common operation when working on a track) and once done just tell the sequencer the marker order you’d like to play.

Seems clever and quicker to me instead of making the job two times.

Thanks anyway.