Marker Bug for Nuage with N12

I was setting up some markers in N12 and noticed that the sequence was off in the Marker window directly and in the project window.

I also noticed that the Cursor Arrows in the Number Pad no longer function.

So, I went back to N11 and the sequence was correct and the arrows work again as expected.

Can any other Nuage User confirm this?

Don’t know what you mean by “sequence is off”.
It’s hard to see what is happening from your top 3-screen-screenshot.

I can confirm that the Number Pad arrows are broken.
Will report this.


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The sequence says 2, 3, 1 instead of 1, 2, 3… like it does in N11.

At first, I assumed it was because 1 = start and 2 = end in Nuendo. But N11 had the normal expected sequence and the cycle markers were incorporated also within the same numerical sequence.

In N12, the cycle markers are in their own section, which is fine. But in the marker master list they’re random ie: 1 = bar 3, 2 = bar 11, 3 = bar 18, CM1 = bar 109, 4 = bar 25.
Not only is this way out of sequence, the cycle marker 1 that I set should’ve been bar 42!

I’ll admit to plenty of “Pilot Error” on this, as I am still LEARNING and getting used to the controller. But since none of this happened in N11, I’m figuring that it’s a bug.

Markers show up in the order they were created, unless you sort them different.
The ID represents the same order, unless you change them, by renumbering.

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Well, that’s how it works in N11. That is NOT how it’s working in N12. Imported projects from N11 had that screwed up sequence that I described.

My song markers have been 1 = Start, 3 through however many after that in sequence, say 22 and then 2 = End. It’s been like that since Nuendo 1. Not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 17, 8, 9… THAT’S a bug.

Can you post an exact repro of your problem, so that people can try to duplicate the problem.
-Do this
-do that
-etc …

===> result.


I don’t understand what that should mean… as already mentioned, they are initially sorted in the order they were created.

You don’t actually have to do anything other than import a project that has both regular and cycle markers, done on N11 or earlier, into N12. Then look at your sequence on the markers page.

A project done in N11: The sequence is the normal 1 = Start , 3 through 17 and 2 = End.

The exact same project now open in N12: The sequence is now 1 = Start, 3 through 8, now 17(??), 9 through 12 now 16(??), 13 through 15 and 2 = End.

What made markers 17 and 16 jump out of sequence? They were entered in chronologically in N11. Why are they out of order now? The only difference is that I opened the project in N12.

Your screenshot from N11 shows that the markers are sorted by position.
N12 is unsorted. Just click in the position row header to sort it the same way.

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Okay, that worked. I’ve got 1 through 17 in chronological order now. But why didn’t it just do that automatically on import.? Also, since the sequence now goes “1, 2, 3… to whatever is the last entry,” does that mean 2 no longer equals END with the Marker’s sequence in N12?

Interesting! The numeric pad on Nuage is no longer in synch with the Numeric pad on the QWERTY keyboard. :confused:

Now that the sequence is chronological 2 will take me to bar 8 on Nuage. But 2 takes me to the END/Bar 117 from the PC’s numeric pad. Why don’t they match anymore?

Why am I using both? Because 1 - 9 on the PC pad is faster (I don’t have to hit the number and enter). For markers 10 and up, I use Nuage because it’s faster (locate points are lightening fast and markers are now accessible with 1 touch on the screen or the double digit + enter on the numeric pad).

The numeric keypad number 1 & 2 are the left and right locator.

I know. I’m surprised that it’s not the same on Nuage.