Marker ID is now behind description in the display of the markers on the track in 12.0.20

Why is this changed? In 12.0.0 Marker ID is ahead of description which was like for years…

Here how it is in 12.0.20

And here how it was in 12.0.0

Is there any way to set ID to be ahead in tittle as it was in 12.0.0???


Yes, that looks wrong. I’ll ask someone I know about it…

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In the past you had no control over it, today you have full control.
Go to Project > Markers
And set whatever you feel comfortable with:


That’s interesting! My Project > Markers window in Cubase 12.0.20 Build 263 looks like this:


Mine too

Ahh interesting, I took the screenshot in Nuendo because that’s what I use normally, I was sure Cubase has the same options as they share the same code. I have to check too (as Steve said).

Okay, I checked, and that definitely looks wrong in latest Cubase.
As far as I can tell it’s a bug.

Interesting that in Nuendo markers window is different than in latest cubase. It looks like it somewhere get stuck from porting from NU to CB like on the middle way…
Thanks for confirming.