Marker in rendered WAV (bug or user error)

When I make a vinyl pre-master, I render a continuous WAV for each side of the record. To do this, I make a montage for each side so that the times on PQ report are in sync with the actual audio file.

I have been starting to choose “copy markers” when I render the WAV files so the CD markers are included in the rendered WAV file which along with the PQ report, will help the lacquer cutter.

Anyway, everything is great except the first marker of only the side A rendered WAV file keeps showing as being named “Marker”. All the other markers assume the name they are given in the montage.

Is there a way I can avoid having to rename the first marker of side A every time I render a WAV file? The first marker for the side B WAV file is perfect.

It’s likely because when I make the side B file, I turn what was a CD track splice marker into a CD start marker, so that is the only difference I see. The first marker for side A is and always was a CD start marker because it was the start of the CD.

I’ll attach some screen shots of my two montages, and the resulting WAV file. Note the first marker on the side A WAV is just named “Marker” and in the montage it’s named “Looked In Too” which is the first song.

And here is side B rendered file since the forum only allows 3 attachments per post.

I’ve had that same bug for so long. But every time I go to make an example montage and render for the forum it doesn’t do it.

I’d forgotten I posted this (very short memory here).
And because I couldn’t make a good short test file, I never sent to PG either. So I’m very glad you brought this up jperkinski. I’ve finally made a good test file and will send that. You might want to do the same.
I often get the bad marker at the beginning of the B side too (even though I prepare from splice just like you do), but on my new test file I’m only getting the problem on the A side, as you do.

Interesting. For some reason, I haven’t done much of adding markers to WAV files but recently started doing it. The two projects I did this week both did the thing where the first marker for side A didn’t inherit the marker name from the montage, just a generic name “Marker”.

If PG thinks it could help, I could zip and upload a few montage files to analyze. Maybe original full album master, and then the two vinyl pre-master montage files. I always have to convert the first marker for the side B montage to a CD track start from CD splice to make it a valid CD so I can produce a report, even though it’s for vinyl. That’s the only difference I see.

Seems like a bug.

I still have yet to have the first marker of the rendered WAV take the name of the first marker in the montage it was rendered from.

The first marker for side A always gets named “Marker”. All other markers for the rendered WAV are properly named form the Montage marker names. The WAV for side B for some reason has all the right marker names without editing the markers on the rendered WAV.

PG, can you take a look and explain why this might be?

I have noted this as a bug to fix.
i did not check it yet.

I have to test more too, but maybe the first marker of the side B WAV has the right name because I convert it from a splice marker to a CD track start. Maybe something in this process removes the bug.

The first side A track star maker is never converted or changed so maybe it’s part of the bug.

Next time, I can test by changing the side A track marker to something else and back to a track start to see if it fixes the bug.

I did a quick test, changing the side one first CD track start ID to a splice marker and back to a CD track start ID but still got the same results on the rendered WAV file.

The first marker is just named “Marker” and not that of the first marker in the montage that it came from.

For what it’s worth…today I had a 10 song montage that I broke into 4 new montages using Save As… I had to make a vinyl pre-master for a double album (4 sides).

When I went to render a WAV of each “Whole Montage”, and chose “copy markers”, the rendered files for sides A, B, and C had the problem where the first marker was just named “Marker” but the rest had the correct song name. For some reason, side D had the correct name for the first marker.

Other than the first marker for side A, the first marker of each new Save As… montage was changed from CD Track Splice to a CD track start to produce a valid CD to generate a CD report.

The first marker for side A always was a CD Track start because it was the start of the CD/DDP master.