Marker Issue

I am having difficulty with the markers being so small that I cannot drag them easily. Am I missing something? It would be great to be able to long press and them and type in the location. Also, when I drag them they should should just keep going from screen to screen but it only lets me drag it to the visible screen and then stops and I have to drag it screen by screen to get to the location and sometimes I’m dragging a bunch of stuff with the marker and I have to start over.

Hi @squirrelly.hurley,

Thanks for your message.

Normally, it should work fine to move the L and R markers via placing your finger on top of the letters. In addition, you can also quickly move the locators around events, when making a long tap on an event.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe

They are very small and they do not move to the next screen on the right without stopping, panning the screen and then moving the marker again.