Marker issues

I am trying to track down the cause of an issue centered around Markers in Wavelab 9.5 and seems I cannot contact support at all for some reason but I need to figure out what the deal is.

I have an issue where if I create say a loop marker in WL and in my case, I use software called Basehead that can manage audio files, if I then delete these markers in this software the marker will still appear in WL.

Now, I work in the Beta team for Basehead and we have been over this issue for a month now and WL seems like the problem.

When I delete markers in Basehead it shows nothing in the Cue chunk of the metadata so no markers appear, if I import this file into other applications such as Reaper, there are no markers at all showing but if I open this in wavelab, the loop marker still shows.

So for whatever reason, when markers are created in wavelab they will seem to persist in wavelab even when deleted or changed by another application.

I have test files and videos of all of this issue, I can assure this is not related to cache or marker files.

I’d really like to find a solution to this

Uncheck this:
File > Preferences > Audio Files > File > Write MArkers in separate file
And delete the files with the extension .mrk