Marker jumps in ruler so must edit a cut at a whole number

I have Cubase LE 1.0.10. An older program but it is great to use, well until recently.

Recently I have been unable to edit my tracks. I place the marker on the ruler where I wish to make a cut but the marker jumps to the nearest whole number on the ruler. It will jump left or right depending on what is closer.

I have reinstalled the programme and updated Adobe flash player. I have looked through the threads and FAQs and sought help from the distributor here in Aust. but with no luck.

I am half way through recording and can not effectively continue until this editing issue is resolved.

Does anyone have any answers?

Most likely you have the “Snap” function enabled. You need to disable it. The button to enable/disable it should be somewhere at the top of the project window.

Regards. :sunglasses: