Marker list copy/paste to another audio file?

I would like to copy a marker list onto another audio file, reproducing the same markers on the same positions.
Is this possible? I haven’t found a method.
It would save me to copy each marker manually.
If this is not possible see this as a request!

There is no standard way, but there is a trick, if you need: copy the .mrk file of the source file and rename it as the target file. Then open the target wave file. That’s it.

Thank you, that sounds good …
But maybe you nevertheless consider a ‘marker copy/paste function’ for future updates!?

In which context do you need this?

WHat about when I start off with a 24/96 file for an album, and the client requests a CD compliant stream (16/44.1).
I do not want to overwrite the original file, but create a new one & keep my markers in the correct relative location.

In this situation I would save the montage under a different name. Erase all of the audio clips and insert the new audio. That way the timeline and markers are the same.

What Neil said. (Hi Neil!)
Right now I prepare a Blu Ray Audio classic production, I audio engineered, which contains a surround mix in 24/96, two stereo mixes (also 24/96) and there will be an additional Audio CD (16/44.1) with one of the stereo mixes. Of course the tracks should start and end all at the same points and therefore it would save me from stupid book keeping things if I just could ‘adapt’ markers from one file to the other. Because of the very limited surround support in WL (which is IMO not really practical at all) I mostly work for this project in Audition CS5.5 (although being a WL user since WL started).
The prepared surround tracks get their markers there. No app I’m aware of just let me copy/paste markers from one file to the other - strange … I cannot imagine being the first one with a need like this.
I can think of other situation where this could be handy … comparing mic positions, different mics etc. until final decision from the artists and producers → preview media.
Track starts get changed, like in my situation now, where the artist would like to have some longer pauses. That means ‘marker setting frenzy’ for several files … I could use my time better, really … :wink:

This ‘hack’ doesn’t work here. I used a 96/32 file that had markers and tried to force these markers with this ‘method’ onto the converted 44.1/16 file of the same length. The markers got messed up, some were simply missing. (WL 7.2.1 on OSX)
Please implement marker copy/paste!

You have to make a sample rate conversion of your 96/32 file first. In similar cases I always make a “dirty” conversion to 44.1kHz using crystal resampler in the fastest mode just to generate a .mrk file which then can be renamed to display the markers on the other 44.1/16 file.