Marker name set by MIDI note?

I bet this is one of my crazy ideas that sound fantastic but most likely no DAW has, but well, I still need to ask because in my over a year with Cubase I learned that many ideas that I thought “No way Cubase has this, or any other DAW” took a question here to find out that it does.

Is there a way to rename the selected marker by pressing a key in the MIDI keyboard and the name would become that note?

I try to take apart music that I love as a learning tool, to learn about the music theory behind it, and at the same time to learn the MIDI programming, VSTi aspect of it by doing a mockup. And I have a key command to add a marker at the playhead, so I listen to the song and tap F19 on my keyboard to set markers. Then I rename those markers to the notes being played (usually I do a marker for each instrument, obviously I couldn’t put all the notes for all the instruments in one marker track).

But while I like doing that, it’s a rather time consuming process, and I would prefer to at least save a bit of time by just pressing the key on the MIDI keyboard if that renames the marker to that note. It’s not inconceivable that something like that could be done, after all, the MIDI keyboard is sending the name of the note along with a few other strings of data every time you press a key in it, and Cubase is programmed to receive and interpret that data.

And yes, I know that I could simply use the step MIDI editor for this, but I have that system, and I like to have the markers with the notes, and then record the track with me playing those notes. It’s a lot more fun than just entering the notes with the step input.


I’m sorry, but this is not possible.

If you Zoom In Vertically, you can see the names in the Key Editor. Or you can see the names in the List Editor.