Marker Naming don't work

  1. select a region
  2. in the INSERT Tab write a Marker Name
  3. Create a CD Track Region or Marker or…
  4. in the Marker List the Name field is empty :frowning:

it don’t work since WL 9.5.35 - 9.5.40

Not as new as you suggest. There was not enough time to fix it in 9.5.40.
Find a work around there:

Thanks Philippe. But this dosn’t work for Insert a CD-Track.
I wish there was a function to set/rename CD-Tracks how it works for Markers in your work around.
Control+C = Insert/name CD-Track.

This is pretty fast:

  • make audio selection
  • press C
  • double click on the empty CD track name in the CD list window (or double click next to the marker head on the time ruler).

Hi Philippe,
that is the way I am currently working. It’s ok, but I wish there was a Key-Command based workflow as in older versions.
I could work faster with that.
But on the other hand, WaveLab is a great app.

Greetings to a great developer.