Marker Positions shown as Bar/Beat when Timebase is linear

Hi all -

I have several Marker tracks - two are timebase linear so that I can set markers by Timecode and they won’t move even when the tempo is adjusted, the other one is musical timebase so I can set markers to sections of the cue that might move if the tempo is adjusted (e.g. melodic motifs etc).

In the Markers Window and the Marker track inspector these positions are always shown by musical timebase (so using PPQ) rather than a linear timebase like the timecode, even when the Marker track is linear.

It would make sense to me for the positions to be shown according to the selected timebase, not always PPQ. This seems pointless to me but I don’t see a way to change it - am I missing something?



Marker window (and the Info Line) always displays it the same way. It doesn’t matter of the base of the track. Actually if I’m right, it depends on your main ruler settings.

Thanks Martin.

You’re right. It’s taking the main rule settings. I have Timecode as the Primary time but the main ruler as PPQ with a secondary Timecode ruler underneath. If I change the main ruler to Timecode the marker display changes too.

Even though I understand the logic I still don’t think it’s very clever. The display should reflect the timebase of the marker track, not the ruler. I guess this is a feature request then.



That isn’t what a track’s Timebase is there for. It is there to set the behaviour when you change the Tempo…
When set to Musical Timebase, an event that is on the track, starting at, say, bar 5, will remain at bar 5 if you speed up the track or slow it down, but if the track is set to Linear Timebase, then that event that was at bar 5 will remain at its original time position when you change the tempo (therefore, no longer at bar 5, which now arrives either earlier or later in time depending upon whether you sped up the track or slowed it down). It has absolutely nothing to do with whether the track shows as Bars + Beats or as Timecode/Seconds etc.
Please search “timebase” in the Cubase 9 online manual.

Hi Vic,

I understand what the timebase is and how it’s used (hence me using the different Marker tracks for different purposes).

My question was about the format in which Marker positions are displayed. It doesn’t make sense to me to display the Marker positions (in the Marker window and Marker inspector) of a Marker track that has a linear timebase in Musical format.

As Martin pointed out, the Marker positions are displayed in a format dictated by the main Ruler regardless of the timebase of the Marker track. In my case the main Ruler is in Bars and Beats and so even when I view a Marker track with a linear timebase in the Marker positions in the Marker windows are displayed in a Musical format (PPQ).

My feature request would be-
For Marker tracks with a linear timebase - Marker position display to be timecode (or at least that as an option).
For Marker tracks with a musical timebase - Marker position display to be PPQ

Maybe one day Cubase will help compiling cue sheets from the Marker window using cycle marker names and timecodes.


If optional, then “why not” :wink:

Vic France;
from a neophyte, thank you immensely for your insightful posts and willingness to share your knowledge…

Thank you :slight_smile:… and welcome to the Cubase community :wink:.

thanks for the response… I’m overwhelmed, but intent on becoming more proficient… kudos to you kind sir!