Marker Track behaviour

Never been a big user of the marker track, but I’m working on stuff at the moment where it could be useful, if it didnt seem to work in an odd way. Hopefully someone can tell me that it’s me and I can change my behavior accordingly!

So as it works now, I add marker 1,2,3,4 etc… If use the keypad to navigate those markers, by default 1 and 2 on the keypad are set to jump to left and right loop markers (which I use all the time in normal practise), and not to the markers that are labelled 1 and 2. This is not very practical. Perhaps the only way forward here is to simply not use markers 1 and 2 at all? Anyone have a suggestion around this?

Also seems odd that you can’t delete markers in the list view on the marker track inspector, only by selecting and deleting on the markers on the actual arrangement page.

Any suggestions appreciated!


You can use the alternative Key Commands to jump to Markers: Shift + number on the QWERTY keyboard:

  • Shift + 1 = To Marker 1
  • Shift + 2 = To Marker 2
  • Shift + 3 = To Marker 3
  • etc.

Or you can change the default Key Commands and assign Num 1 command to the To Marker 1 function and Num 2 command to the To Marker 2 function.

I changed my Key Commands so Keypad-1 & 2 go to markers 1 & 2. And I moved the locators to the minus & plus on the Keypad. Don’t recall what that blew away but apparently I didn’t need it. Made more sense to me to have all the Keypad numbers to do similar things.


By default the - and + KeyPad is Fast Forward/Rewind.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m so used to 20 odd years of using 1 & 2 on the keypad for left and right locaters, I’ve just gone with not using markers 1 & 2 at all. 8 Markers is just about enough for what I need at the moment, just my logical brain doesn’t like starting at 3 and it irks me lol!

I’ll give changing to + - a go at some point and see if I can get used to it. Thanks chaps.

Thanks for checking Martin. Yeah, wouldn’t miss those. Since moving from tape based to computer based recording I’ve never once wanted to fast forward/rewind - seems better to just go directly where you want. Can’t really imagine a case where I would want to fast forward.