marker track input

Is there a way to input a name directly on to the marker track in the Project Window?

Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but you can scroll the bar at the bottom to see the description field & highlight it & type away. Is that what you’re looking to do?

You can name the actual track easily enough in the list - are you talking about the actual marker itself or the track marker in general though?
For individual markers you need to invoke the marker window (CTRL/M) and enter names for actual markers there.

I would like to create and change names on the actual horizontal marker track that goes across the project window.

You can also name markers by selecting them and typing in the name in the info line at the top left.

There is a command for “insert and name marker” assign a key to it and it will auto open the marker window and you’re ready to start typing.

Excellent! Thanks very much.

This is generally done in the markers window.
Also, remember there are 2 types of markers as well - track markers & cycle markers.
Track markers are obvious, but cycle markers will always go from left to right locator, and are massively useful when you have a project where there are several areas you want to work on (say Verse 1, or Chorus etc) - set a cycle marker for each section. Then when you want to swap to another marker you simply click on the cycle marker & set locators - job done.