Marker track is empty

After importing a song project from cubase (with a marker track with several markers), the marker track is imported but is empty

… can you please give us your Cubase cpr file?


here it is

il nous emportera Test (2.3 KB)

… file contains a VST Live file (.vlsprj). I do need the Cubase project (.cpr) to analyse the problem. Is that possible?



il nous emportera final.cpr (1.6 MB)

Hi @magicguigui,

the “problem” is that your marker events in your Cubase project do not have a duration. But the lyrics events do need a duration. It’s fixed now with the next update of VST Live.
But there is a workaround : After your “File / Import Media Project …” action, you need to open the LYRICS tab. The Lyrics view will then update the missing durations.

Thank you,

THank you SPork.

I did not know that the marker from Cubase will display on Lyrics view.
I’m not sure if I want these markers with my lyrics.

… I see. Can you please explain why you need the “pure” Cubase marker track in VST Live?


I just tried to import my cubase project in VST Live and saw that the markers did not follow.

No specific need to have these markers in VST Live.

I just informed that it seemed it was an issue.

… thank you very much for your report and help.